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Film Processing

Film Processing & Scanning

At The Photo Shop of Rayleigh we are keeping film alive !

We still develop 35mm & APS films, Colour process (C41)  

and Hand Process B/W too (eg Ilford FP4/HP5)

Our most popular service is to dev & scan films onto a digital format and then transfer the images direct to your email address via We Transfer, this even works well on your smart phone. We are also able to develop and scan those films onto DVD,CD or USB (which you may provide,or we have them in stock) 

All films are professionally scanned for optimum resolution utilising I.C.E technology (this reduces dust & blemishes on the film surface and is very different to flatbed scans)

We can also produce prints in various sizes on Gloss or Matt photographic paper from 6x4 upwards.

You can either bring your films into our store in Rayleigh, Essex or Send them directly to us. We will then begin processing at the first available opportunity. When your order is ready we will be in touch. 

*Please note: We are unable to Develop C41 120 size. But we are able to scan and print those and any other films that are already developed.

"How Do I know which film I have?" - Most films will tell you on the canister what type of process is needed. Most will be standard colour process (C41) and so will some B/W films too. We can print ALL film formats once they are processed,we can print colour films in B/W too.

For E6 film (Slides) please click on the following link for our local recommended processor.


Develop only from - £4.00

Develop & scan Std Res - £8.99

Develop and scan High Res - £13.99

6x4 prints - from £7.99

7x5 prints - from £9.99

8x6 prints - from £11.99

Other print sizes available

Scanning previously developed films:

Std Res - £4.99     High Res - £9.99

Individual scans and bulk - P.O.R

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