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Frequently Asked Questions for DVD/USB Transfers

1. Does my video tape leave your premises?

No, all transfers are done “in house”, keeping your special memories safe with us.

2. Once I have paid for my transfer, how much are extra copies of the DVD?

Copies of your DVD are only £9.99 each.

3. How long do the transfers usually take to complete?

The transfers are usually ready between 1-2 working days.

4. I only want a small part of my tape, are you going to charge me for the whole thing?

No, you can let us know how many minutes you would like us to transfer for you.

5. How will I know when my tape is ready?

You will get a call/text from one of our members of staff, letting you know that your tape is ready.

6. Can you add titles to my disk?

Yes, if you require titles added to the disk and cover, just let a member of staff know when you leave your disk with us.

7. Can you add music to a silent film?

Yes, it’s £5 to add music to silent films.

8. If I post my video to you, how do you send it back to me?

We always send all tapes via recorded signed for delivery.

9. How long does the video transfer take?

Our video / film transfers to DVD/USB are usually ready within 1-2 working days, however this may vary very slightly with large quantities of video to copy. Every one of our video transfers is taken on in store by one of our members of staff, using our professional transfer machines. You will be pleased to know your video / films never have to leave the building, which means your special memories are kept safe with us. If you would like to find out more details about or video to dvd transfers service, please contact us on 01268 775040 or email